Gut-Feeling Vegan Smoothie

Just last week we received an email from someone who reviews weight loss shakes telling us that Gut Feeling is amongst the best weight loss shakes in Australia, and possibly even the best weight loss shake they've ever tried! We were happy to hear it, but also a little bit concerned. We always had the word "smoothie" in mind as opposed to"weight loss shake".


Well, lot of weight loss shakes don't contribute to a balanced healthy diet. They can result in short term weight loss and an unsustainable approach to maintaining a healthy weight. Weight loss challenges can involve everything from adopting really simple systems around how to eat less, to super fast diets and intense weight loss programs.

Whether you're looking for a healthy weight loss shake as part of a vegan/vegetarian diet plan to lose weight, or if you're just exploring high protein recipes for weight loss, Gut Feeling is likely to be a fantastic ally on  your weight loss journey – and Plant Science would be honoured to accompany you on that journey.

People often ask, can science take the weight off? While there are a lot of diets that try to call themselves a "science diet", many of them are simply crash diets that revolve around a desire to lose weight in 2 days/weeks/etc.

We won't claim anything like that, as what we're aiming for is a healthy weight for life. When considering how long it takes to lose weight, everybody and literally every BODY is different – that said, we have received plenty of anecdotal evidence from dozens of customers that they were able to lose weight within 4 weeks of starting on Gut Feeling, as it brought their whole system back into balance.

We hope to commission clinical research in the future to demonstrate this in a scientific manner, but for now – here's a great recipe to find out whether it works for you, regardless of whether you're looking weight loss motivation or not!  


Serves: 1  |  Time: 2 minutes


1 ripe banana
250ml almond milk
2tbs Gut-Feeling


Place all ingredients in high speed blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy