The Plant Science Story


Plant Science is a modern Australian company – it's what happens when Aussie farmers start working on Australian science innovations!


Plant Science was founded by two like-minded Aussie innovators. A farmer passionate about agricultural sustainability and a consultant scientist, fascinated by the powerful properties of various plants and their evidence-based health benefits.

They set out to create a range of products designed to isolate the active components of natural products and deliver simple solutions that integrate seamlessly into their and the loved animals’ lives. Allowing Plant Science to do all the heavy lifting on the science allows you and your animals to enjoy the benefits of a health and wellbeing.

Aussie Farmers + simple Science

We chose this name due to our passions – science and soil.

Farming in Australia is under pressure , with farm land suffering from poor environmental management. Some Aussie farmers are using the wrong crops and showing poor understanding of non renewable resources, environmental health and sustainable practices in general. We wish to see an environmental policy that takes land use and water resources into account when considering land management and raw materials, so that Aussie farmers remain competitive in global markets.

By creating simple products through sustainable farming, we’re showing how the agriculture industry can benefit from sustainable food production and organic farming systems. Our principles of sustainability mean that we are at the forefront of sustainable farming in Australia.

That's why we keep it natural, organic and sustainable – because that's simply just Plant Science.


Our People

Mike Nagorcka – Waltanna Farms

A fifth generation farmer, Mike is one of the nation’s leading hemp and flax producers. Mike and Waltanna Farms is the ‘Plant’ in Plant Science.

Located in the foothills of The Grampians in western Victoria, Waltanna Farms’ unique processing techniques have been designed to protect the nutritional value of the seed to deliver products in their most natural state without unnecessary additives.

Innovative Australian Farmers
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