Gut-Feeling Smoothie Bowl

This delicious Raspberry Maple Smoothie Bowl practically guarantees a good morning! A great vegan plant-based gluten-free recipe, full of prebiotics to help you achieve optimal probiotic gut health.

This works great as a vegan dessert – with the frozen bananas, it's almost like a vegan mousse!


Serves: 1  |  Time: 5 minutes


2 large frozen ripe bananas
200ml coconut water or almond milk
4tbs Gut-Feeling
4tbs frozen raspberries (can swap for 2tbsp nut butter)


1tbs Honey or maple or rice syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract


Place all ingredients in high speed blender and blend until smooth.

Top with your favourite toppings.

Topping suggestions-  raspberries, blueberries, banana, cacao nibs, buckwheat, coconut, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate squares, almond or peanut butter, oats, pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds.