Australian Camelina
Australian Camelina

Australian Camelina

Australia’s first camelina seed oil – organically grown, harvested and cold pressed in Australia to maximise its nutritional quality, taste, texture and shelf life. Deliciously complex, delicate and smooth, Australian Camelina has a mild nutty flavour that works perfectly in salads, dips, dressings, vinaigrettes and marinades as an excellent substitute for olive oil. Its high smoke point of 246oC also makes it ideal for roasting, grilling and stir-frying.

A premium seed oil for real foodies, Australian Camelina contains the unique balance of omegas 3, 6 and 9; providing a rich source of beneficial fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants for radiant skin and a healthy heart.


Health:  importance omega 3 in your diet

 More than ever we are looking for plant alternatives of omega 3 fish oil supplements. The body can't make omega 3 so it must be obtained from diet. Research shows that increasing omega 3 in your diet can help lower inflammation and improve skin and heart health. Omega 3 can also improve immune function and lower risk of diseases and even improve brain function and mood.  Australian Camelina seed oil is a great source of plant-based omega 3 also known as alpha-linolenic acid. 

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Simple solutions with multiple benefits

Vegan friendly

Australian Camelina seed oil is allergen-friendly, non-GMO, organically grown and vegan-friendly.

It's high smoke point makes it a versatile cooking oil.

100% raw

Our camelina seeds are cold-pressed. This preserves the seeds' bioactive properties, retaining all potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Omega 3

Australian Camelina oil has the best-balanced ratio of omega 3/6/9 of all seed oils, meaning it is excellent for skin and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin E

Australian Camelina oil contains high amounts of gamma tocopherol an important component of Vitamin E. This powerful antioxidant also extends shelf life.

Skin & Heart Health

Australian Camelina oil is high in omega 3, antioxidants and plant cholesterol to help protect against cell damage, reduce inflammation and keep your skin & heart healthy.

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